Following the statements of the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19
We are working to update all hygiene and cleaning measures to guarantee the health of our guests and equipment.

- Health, safety and knowledge of the team:
Frequent hand cleaning, continuous training in hygiene, cleaning and awareness protocols for COVID-19

- Cleaning products and protocols:
We work with our team and suppliers to make sure they can use deep cleaners as well as the necessary virus protection gear.

- Bedrooms:
Cleaning protocols to disinfect after customer checkout and before checkinn.

- Public spaces:
We will increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of common areas with more attention to door handles, bathrooms, room keys ...


- Individual treatments can be booked in the cabin by appointment.
- We will not be able to attend them in the event of having virus symptoms or having had contact with an infected person in the last 14 days.
- Gym members will be able to train individually by appointment (locker rooms will be closed to the public)
- Hotel clients can stay in the rooms but without using the common areas of the center.
- The terrace of the center bar will be open only for 50% of the capacity, always keeping 2 meters of separation between tables.
- The center makes protocol products available to customers to avoid possible contagions (disinfection of the facilities, a tray to disinfect footwear at the entrance, disinfecting gel for hands, gloves, masks ...)
- It is mandatory to use masks in common areas except doing sports, eating or drinking.